Long House


Long House


A modern reinterpretation of the traditional Irish cottage

The shape and form of the design are derived from the falling levels of the site. The upper level cantilevers over the entrance and provides an opportunity for corner window views to the fields and countryside beyond. Vertical Cedar cladding help echo the woodland context. Chosen as a material traditionally used on sheds in the countryside it will grey down in colour and help integrate the building into its environment.

Traditionally built stone walls help anchor the new home into the site and create a sense of continuity with the landscape, while upside-down internal arrangement (bedrooms on the lower floor living spaces above) helps take advantage of the views and external spaces. Frameless glass balustrades appear to float gently across the ground floor stone face enabling safe play space for the children and uninterrupted views. Windows and openings travel in a controlled manner across the timber-clad facades, accentuating the long footprint of the building while framing the landscape. Rooflights channel light from above, selectively illuminating spaces and objects below.

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